Dear Saints,Greetings in Jesus name.
An opportunity to establish the Kingdom of God, is.....

We have some Partnership Program 
Life Changers International ministries welcome you to be a regular partners with the Kingdom of God through this Ministry of God on Earth.
Benefits of partnership( you are the Hands of God on this earth to extend His kingdom)
1.Open the windows of heaven(Malachi 3: 10-12)
2.You will have a great harvest in every area of your Life(2Cori 9:6) will never have financial crises(your money will be safe) in your LIFE(Matt 6:33)
4.You establish the Kingdom of God on Earth
5.God will love you more than anyone in this Earth(2 cori 9:7) will have grace of God more than yesterday (Phili 1;7)
7.God will use you for His Glory.
8.Goodness , Mercy will follow you & your bags will not have holes (Haggai 1:6)
9.Overflow of prosperity in your life
10.You will experience Jesus Christ in your life every moment

You can be a partner with any of this ministry Program 
1. Internet Ministry(developments)
2.TV Ministry
3.Deliverance & Healing center In Kerala Kanhangad (now constructing)
4.Crusades & seminars 
5.Love Ministry( Supporting the poor People)
6.Free Bible distribution (Going on now)
7.Wages for all our ministry staff.
8.Prayer hill 24 hours ( many of our members praying for you)(To buy a land)
9.Planting worship centers (Churches)
10.To buy Editing suit & TV Cameras
11.Healing Ministry
12.Publishing Ministry
When you send your financial support ( sowing faith seed) Don't forget to give us your postal address ,we will send a beautiful Gift pack for you.
We love you and Pray for you
Our Faith is to preach the Gospel through every available VOICE
Before sending your faith seed Pray with us According to Eph 3:20 He will give you back above you ask and think
In Jesus mighty name.