A Brief History

Just a decade back(1998) two men of God came from USA to Abu Dhabi for a Gospel meeting .In that crowd a gentle man was sitting in a corner of the auditorium to hear the Gospel of Christ.Soon after the preaching one of the men of God directly came to this gentle man took him to the platform and prophesied over him."Told him that he was called by Almighty God for the mighty ministry,signs,wonders,healing,miracles will be performed in your ministry and hundreds of thousands will come to Jesus Christ through you and you will travel around the world to preach the the Gospel of Christ".After much time in waiting up on the Lord this ministry was born of the word of God and the Holy Spirit in to this world to preach Christ's Gospel.At present that anointed prophesies happening over Pastor Titus Kappan's ministries.(see the pastor's profile)

"Life changers International ministries" is God given Church and Movements to change the world,the nations and the lives with the love of God ,Healing power(the grace) of Jesus Christ and the extreme communion of the Holy Spirit.Open for all kinds of People,Life Changers Registered and began in the year of 2004 in North Malabar in Kerala.(India) Pastor Titus Kappan is the Founder and president.God the Father gave him a vision to capture the hearts of the people with the Love of God.Through Life Changers the Word of His grace,granting wonders,signs.extraordinary miracles,healings.Life Changers is one of the fastest growing life transforming movements in the world