Life changers Charity

Giving a life with meaningfu

Dear friends and parteners 

This is life changers charity. Giving a life with meaningful.This family is realy seeking a change to have a better living .Chinnamma a elderly woman has 2 sons one of them is handicapped man another is drunkard whose son is standing in front of the hut they would like to have abetter house therefore before the rainy season they would like to rebuild thier house , if your moved with Holy Spirit to lift them by your hand provide what they want , please do it 

Thank you so much for your love kindnesse

The boy\'s name is Justin 
Call us 00919847568888,
Life changers
PO box no 11
South India

Disabled children

Is there any body to support these chidren

it is your choise to do what ever you can 

if any one interested call or write to us 00919847568888 

Can you help this family?

This family has a hut but if you can help for them to have agood shelter contact us 

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